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When do captions get added to an episode of Critical Role?

Our turnaround times vary, but we aim to send captions to Geek & Sundry 3 weeks after the episode airs.

Why do the captions take so long to finish?

For a captioning professional working on a single-speaker video, the general rule is 20 minutes of work per 5 minutes of content. (That means a 4 hour episode of Critical Role is 16 hours of work, minimum.) But because we’re a bunch of volunteers doing this in our spare time, the process takes longer – more like 30 or 40 hours.

The Google Doc says the editing is finished, but the captions aren’t live yet. Why?

After 2 rounds of editing, the captions are run through a macro, QA’ed, and then timeset. This process can take up to 6 or 7 hours, and completion time varies depending on our editors’ availability.

Are you going to caption [INSERT CONTENT HERE]?

The CRTranscript project focuses on core Critical Role episodes. Sometimes we’ll caption a one-shot if it airs in place of a standard episode.

Do you do the captions for Project Alpha?

We do not.

Can I help caption [INSERT CONTENT HERE]?

All of our volunteer opportunities are posted to our Twitter on Monday night (Eastern Time) and are also on our How to Help page.

Can I download episode transcripts?

Yes! All caption files and text files of episodes are available for download on the CRTranscript Google Drive.