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Critical Role Transcript is an all-volunteer project started by fans of the show (“Critters”) to add closed captions to every episode. Our goal is to make the show accessible to everyone including d/Deaf and hard-of-hearing critters, critters for whom English isn’t a native language, and so many more!

For all other info Critical Role, check out CritRoleStats. For translated subtitles, check out @CR_Translate!

CR Transcript Bard – @thatonealice
Alice is the co-founder of CRTranscript. Thinks Danielle is just the best. Hard of hearing. She enjoys Overwatch and things going according to plan.

CR Transcript Wizard – @daniellefowler
Other co-founder of CRTranscript. Danielle manages the social media, helps with project volunteers, posting the final caption files, and pushing all the paper. She enjoys cats and beer and accessibility.

CR Transcript Rogue – @eponymous_rose
Rose helps with project management, logistics and planning, and lots and lots of transcription. She enjoys statistics, spreadsheets, and fans helping other fans. spreadsheet-spreadsheet-spreadsheet!

CR Transcript Paladin – @argentumlupine
JD helps out with transcription and a whole lot of editing. She enjoys accessibility, Oxford commas, and color-coding your spreadsheets when you aren’t watching.

CR Transcript Ranger – @asingingbadger
TSB. Familiar is a badger. Eats unnecessary words for breakfast.

CR Transcript Cleric – /u/elizabethdoesphysics
EDP is a doctor, but not the do-no-harm kind. Can be found trying to figure out reddit.

CR Transcript Wizard – pearwaldorf
Pear helps with editing and timesetting. So much timesetting. She enjoys cats, whisk(e)y, and dragging people into new fandoms.

CR Transcript Warlock – Eleanor
Transcriber turned editor/timesetter. Great admirer of languages, organization, and the entire CRT team. Can currently be found freezing to death in the wilds of upstate NY.

CR Transcript Barbarian – @the_mogget
Editing and a wee bit of timesetting (attention span permitting). Lover of cats, cooking, and parentheticals. Nurturing the future of nerddom by (attempting) to DM for her three nephews (much to her sister’s chagrin).

CR Transcript Sorcerer – Katherine
Final pass editing. Backyard chicken farmer, video game nerd, and quilter extraordinaire.

CR Transcript Druid – @genderfluid_druid
Transcriber turned editor, baby timesetter. Natural state is at a laptop with adjacent cat. Favorite spell is Polymorph. Nonbinary (they/them).

CR Transcript Artificer – /u/shadowtag202
Transcriber turned editor/timesetter-in-training. Fan of Pokémon games and enjoys going outside for fresh air. He also cannot wait to play D&D on the weekends.

CR Transcript Monk – @heyjyll
Jyll has been playing D&D since it was still “Satan’s game” and grew up to be a healer and storyteller IRL. She still plays loads of D&D, though she’s often the DM. Another transcriber who graduated to editing and timesetting, you can have her Oxford commas when you pry them from her cold, dead, and lifeless hands. Try it, we dare you.